The Five Great Houses

The Five Great Houses consist of the five nations that held the most land/military might/political clout following the defeat of the invaders. They are in no particular order:

Human-House Lebannen is a monarchy that controls significant portions of the western side of the mainland.

Dwarf- The House of Thorven is the common name for the dwarven state. They are governed by a council comprised of 9 individuals representing the 9 dwarvish clans. The dwarves control the northeast of the mainland.

Eladrin- The eladrin House is known as House Da’Lar, and they inhabit the isle of Quel’Dalar northwest of the mainland. Their blacksmiths are rivaled only by the dwarves.

Dragonborn- House Arkhosia resides primarily on the island of the same name southeast of the mainland.

Elf- House Va’nar controls significant portions of the southern mainland, and are renowned for their ability to make wine and grow fruit in the even the most inhospitable conditions.

The Five Great Houses

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