Roke School of Magic

The Isle of Roke has 9 masters, along with the Archmage. The current archmage is Archmage Rowan, an eladrin. 8 of the 9 masters teach a specialty at the school (they’re the only teachers at the school, enrollment tends to be small, 10-20 students per year). Here’s a summary of the lessons associated with the masters.

Master Doorkeeper: mans the door of the Wizard school, and determines who is worthy to enter, and who has completed their education and is ready to leave. Does not teach, current master is Henry Glavich, a male human.

Master Windkey: weather working, seamanship. Current master is Albatross, a male halfling.

Master Changer: Shaping and change, finding things. Jand Brassbolt, male dwarf.

Master Patterner: Bindings of the world. Ulara, female elf.

Master Summoner: Summon spirits, energies, forces of the world. Sri’Ruk, male dragonborn.

Master Namer: studies the true names of things. Elm, male eladrin.

Master Chanter: studies legends, lore, and the songs that accompany them. Leopold Canterbury, male human.

Master Hand: sleight of hand, illusions. Sevens, male tiefling.

Master Herbal: healing, properties of things that grow. Reese, female shifter.

Roke School of Magic

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