Lesser Houses

The Lesser Houses are those with less influence than the Great Houses, be it because of land, finances, racial bias, etc. They are as follows:

Halflings- While having no significant land holdings of their own, the halflings have villages along all the major waterways, and their ability to pilot a ship is rivaled by none.

Goblins- The goblin island of Braggenwald is the sister island to Arkhosia. Goblins are capable mercenaries, and are often employed as such.

Orcs- The tribe of Gar’Rosh make their home in the Great Desert in the interior of the mainland. The orcs, while nomadic, have a few large permanent communities where water can be found within the dry-land. Many half-orcs are found within the larger communties.

Goliaths- Goliath clans can be found in the highlands adjacent to, and sometimes overlapping, dwarven territories. A large clan of goliaths make thier home on the island of Winterbreath north of the mainland. Goliaths are often found under the employ of dwarves, working in the mines.

Lesser Houses

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