Brak Ironskull

Dwarven Battle Cleric of Moradin. Fifth son of the Ironskull family and member of the Silverpick Clan from the City of Ironkeep, home of the House of Thorven.


Brak is gruff, surly and loyal to his kin. He is extremely pragmatic and is more than willing to put the greater good before the needs of the individual. He enters combat with an oath to his God, “By Moradin’s Hammer!!!” Brak is a young dwarf who is devout in his faith and revels in combat. He wears chainmail, an both his shield and cloak bear Moradin’s Holy Symbol. His face has a jagged scar along the right side from a righteously punished orc’s blade.


Charged with expanding trade and religious connections with Dwarves throughout the land, Brak’s caravan recently ran afoul of raiders and his whereabouts are currently unknown.

Brak Ironskull

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