• Dolph


    Dolph has a bit of a foppish air about him. He is of medium build with dark shoulder length hair and blue eyes. While his clothing and demeanor give the impression of court royalty his eyes tell the story of someone who has been living a hard life for a n
  • Gregg


    A powerful Wizard that hasn't quite figured out the aiming thing.
  • Lunesta


    The group's meat shield and one tough son of a bitch
  • Archmage Rowan

    Archmage Rowan

    Archmage and Head Master of the Roke School of Magic
  • Brak Ironskull

    Brak Ironskull

    Dwarven Battle Cleric of Moradin. Fifth son of the Ironskull family and member of the Silverpick Clan from the City of Ironkeep, home of the House of Thorven.
  • Capt. Daniel Farnswoth

    Capt. Daniel Farnswoth

    Captain of the Fallcrest Guard
  • Colonel Faust

    Colonel Faust

    Head of Havnor Homeland Security
  • Martin Lebannen

    Martin Lebannen

    Current King and ruler of House Lebannen
  • Rodric Lebannen

    Rodric Lebannen

    Eldest son and heir-apparent to House Lebannen