Farther West Than West


Author's Note

The Masters seemed very concerned this evening at supper. The war between Havnor and Irondeep has placed a great strain upon the Masters, and it is beginning to show. There is talk that several of the Lesser Houses are using the confusion of the war to expand their territory. Several of the Masters have been forced to act as emissaries between the houses in an attempt to keep things civil, and have been away from the school for weeks at a time. They do their best to keep the classes going like everything is fine, but we can tell, something bigger is going on. I’ve overheard Master Ulara discussing with Master Sri’Ruk about something called “The Teslarat”. I’ve looked in every book I could think of in the library, but I’ve been unable to find anything. I asked Master Glavich what he thought of the Havnor-Irondeep war, and he said “A man should worry less about the enemy he can see, and more about the one he cannot.” There is alot the Masters aren’t teling us, and I aim to find out what.

-journal entry of Che’Terar as a student at the Roke school of Magic, 7-18-4316


Gregg and Dolph sound like stand up guys. That Brak though, it seems like he sits back and takes all the glory while performing none of the work.


That comment was intended for the most recent post. I’m new to this whole internet thing.


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