Farther West Than West

Days Twenty-One through Thirty-Five

The Dwarves Strike Back

VICTORY IN DRAN’S HOLDING!!! After his daring escape from the Lebannen fleet and his delivering of vital information to the defense of Irondeep, Dwarven hero Brak Ironskull leads the liberation of Dran’s Holding! Spearheading an attack to retake the mining village of Dran’s Holding, Brak Ironskull and his Howling Commandoes take the fight to the Lebannen Invaders! Leaving death and destruction in his wake, Brak Ironskull smites the Lebannen soldiers who dare to invade Dwarven lands! After returning to Stonewharf carrying the head of the Lebannen commander, Captain Damakos, Brak Ironskull declares Dran’s Holding safe once again for Dwarven folk everywhere. Young dwarf citizens of Stonewharf can rest easy, knowing Brak Ironskull is here to protect us!

Official Dwarven Military Propaganda Poster, created following the liberation of Dran’s Holding; from the Personal collection of Crag Malachite, citizen of Stonewharf.



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