Farther West Than West

Days eleven through twenty

war breaks out

After leaving the dig site, we traveled East until we made it to the oasis. As we were walking down the dune, we spotted two giant lizards drinking at the oasis. The half-orc Leolian who was our guide told us they were macetails, and would make good eating if we could kill ‘em before they ran off. Lucky for us, our heroes made short work of the pair, and everyone had their fill of dino-burgers that night. Leolian even showed us how to make jerky from their meat, so we had provisions for the rest of our trek. Just like the guide said, five days later we made into Gar’rosh, and a great feast was held to welcome us to the village and to thank the heroes for returning their lost brethren.

After a few days rest, we headed Northeast to the town of Sweetwater on the Bronvent River. The tribe was kind enough to give us a ride there on a sandsail; kinda like a boat that glides along the sand. It was unsettling at first, but much more enjoyable than having to walk. When we got to the town, the heroes set off to find transport to Havnor, and we looked for lodging. I was able to arrange sleeping quarters for the handful of us left at the local temple of Pelor. Outside the town proper was a good amount of farmland that was irrigated from the Bronvent, and so the temple of Pelor was pretty well off and able to accomadate our basic necessities. The heroes took lodging at the Gilded Rose, the best establishment in town, and my people took offense to that. Even though I shared their sentiment, I was able to calm them down by explaining the heroes deserved it after all the trouble they went to to rescue us.

After two nights sleeping on the floor of the church stables, we met up with the heroes at the docks for our trip down river. It turned out they had paid our fare to Havnor with Mr. Finnegan, the proprietor of the shipping company. They might have left us to sleep like farm animals, but at least they were finally gonna get us home. We took a raft down river to Stonewharf, where the Bronvent meets the Northern Sea. Stonewharf is a marvel of dwarven engineering. Even though the townsfolk are almost entirely halflings, the architecture is without a doubt dwarven. A dozen stone jetties jut out to the sea, and each one has at least twenty docks; more boats than I had ever seen before. The stonework shows no signs of aging from the sea either; probably enchanted I’d imagine.

We met the captain of the vessel that would take us to Havnor, a halfling named Mr. Catfish. He claimed his boat the Marlin was the fastest around, and would have us to Havnor in no time. We set sail that afternoon with a good wind at our back and a smile on our faces. Finally, we were headed back to Lebannen territory.

We were making good time after a couple days out, when a shadow appeared above the horizon. A griffon approached, with a rider on its back wearing Lebannen colors. The griffon made a few circles above us and headed back West. Shortly after we could see a entire fleet sailing right towards us. One of the boats approached us and an officer and some marines boarded the Marlin and first they took the dwarf Brak and the goliaths prisoner, declaring them prisoners of war, and then they told Mr. Catfish they were commandeering his boat. After that they took the heroes to the command ship to get debriefed. While they were away, a lieutenant Kensington took over as captain of the Marlin, and brought over six marines to maintain security. He then kicked Mr. catfish out of his quarters, and claimed them as his own. I try not to speak ill if the deceased, but Lt. Kensington was a proper bastard.

When the heroes returned from the flagship, they told us all that the Lebannen North Fleet was on its way to cpature Dran’s Holding on its way to a siege of Irondeep. Turns out the dwarves were the ones behind the kidnapping of the prince, and were in league with the red mage and the tattooed orc. King Marten considered that an act of war and was reciprocating in kind. Now I wasn’t sure who the responsible party was, but it looked like four of the nine hells were about to be opened up. The heroes decided they weren’t going to help destroy Dran’s Holding, but to attempt to attack the fleet would be certain suicide. So we were gonna run. First we had to take back control of the Marlin, then rescue the others before making a break for it. The night prior to the Massacre of Dran’s Holding, the heroes disposed of the marines and Lt. Kensington on the Marlin, then took one of the lifeboats to the ship where the prisoners were held. Shortly after, they returned with the three goliaths, Brak, and Chum, the dwarf cook of the Marlin. I didn’t ask how they got back the others, but I assume there methods on that ship were as fatal as the ones used on the Marlin.

Right as the attack started, we used the confusion to break free of the formation and head south as fast as we could. The remaining prisoners had control of the prison ship and attempted to follow us south. Sadly, the Marlin was able to outrun the fleet’s cannons that noticed our leaving, the prison ship was not able to, and sank as we fled the battle.

Immediately when we got to Stonewharf, Brak ran to the government office to tell them what had happened and to send word to Irondeep. As a show of good faith, the local government offered us some of the land outside Sweetwater to have as our own, seeing as we were homeless and the borders were closed now. Figuring that was as good a deal as we were gonna get, I accepted their offer, and as you can see, I still live here and manage Smithwain farms. That was the last I saw of the heroes, and never did I imagine what an impact they would make.

-As told to Chief Historian Che’Terar by Mr. Darwin Smithwain 4-18-4335 CY



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