Farther West Than West

Day One continued

inside the house

As we approached the house, we heard a pair of goblins arguing, and unable to come up with a better idea, we knocked on the door. The goblin who answered the door was not happy to have visitors, and promptly shut the door in our faces after telling us to leave. Unwilling to cooperate with the goblin, we attempted to knock down the door; it was a very sturdy door. The Doctor even got his sword stuck in the wood when he was trying to cleave it open. Eventually we were able to break down the door, and the pair of goblins immediately attacked us.

The goblins had a guard drake which furiously protected its masters, and additional people joined the fray from other rooms in the house. One half-orc archer proved very troublesome, and managed to hit his quarry more than a few times while crouching down behind a corner, making hinmself a small target. During the ruckus, one of the gangsters managed to flee the scene, commenting that the dwarf hadn’t paid him enough to take this kind of risk. As we were clearing the bottom story, we heard a humming sound from upstairs, and quietly went up the stairs to investigate.

When we opened the door to the upstairs room, a fierce looking dwarf was operating some sort of arcane machinery, the source of the humming. As we were battling the dwarf and his warhammer, two more people joined the fight, happy to wet their daggers with our blood. On top of all this, the machine started to act haywire, and fired bolts of electricty around the room. We bested the remaining forces, but not before The Doctor was nearly killed by a dagger to the chest. Once we investigated the room, we discovered a prisoner hidden below some floor boards at the back of the room. The fellow appeared to be Prince Rodric! Concerned with the increase in the noise the machine was making, we fled the scene with haste, but it appeared the machine had simply shutoff, and had not exploded as we expected.

We quickly made our way to Havnor Keep, hoping to get Rodric to a safe place, and hoping to get some answers just to what is going on.

-Personal Journals, Capt. Daniel Farnsworth 10-27-4315 CY



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