Farther West Than West

Day One

welcome to the party

I had arrived in Havnor as part of a routine trip to get supplies for Fallcrest. I, being captain of the guard, was escorting a caravan of private shop owners; it is in the best interest of Fallcrest if the shops are well stocked. The caravan had arrived in Havnor during the week-long festivities celebrating the 17th birthday of Rodrick, eldest son of House Lebannen, and the heir apparent to the throne. The need to arrive during the festival was two-fold: many people from throughout the lands of House Lebannen had traveled to Havnor, and many rare and hard to get goods were available; also, I had some personal business to attend to, and the extra people about would allow me to conduct my business without causing any undo suspicion.

On the final day of the festival, a fireworks display was to be shown, and I wanted the best possible view; fireworks displays are a rare occurence in Fallcrest. I traveled to the commercial district above the port, and saw a party being held on the roof of one of the nicer shops. I convinced the door man I was on official business (it helps to be in uniform sometimes) and quickly made my way to the roof. The fireworks were quite amazing (apparently they had some fellows from Roke brought in for the occasion). Right as the display was reaching its apex, a scream was heard from inside, and onto the patio burst out a creature that resembled an ape made out of fog; it was a demon for sure.

Immediately people fled in panic as the beast thrashed about, harming all in its path. I immediately sprang to the defense of the people, and was quite thankful to see like-minded individuals ready to combat the abominable creature. As people ran down the stairs to the street, a large, rather intimidating dragonborn charged at the beast, swinging his broadsword. I got alongside the fellow, doing my best to assist him as I could. As the two of us kept the demon busy in close-range combat, a pair of wizards hurled spells at the beast, one using missiles of magic, the other using icy blasts. With our combined efforts, we managed to slay the demon, with only a few civilian casualties. One of the fellows we had saved offered us 40 gold pieces as a reward, and we gladly accepted the monies.

Once we had dispatched the demon, we decided the best course of action was to find where it came from; as we were sure this was no random occurence. With the aid of the wizards’ mastery of the arcane, and a few well-placed threats from my new dragonborn commpanion, we were able to learn that an odd fellow has been seen around the commercial districts lately, always with a retinue of goblin bodyguards; and we were directed towards the local university, where it appears the demon originated. Following the trail, we approached a house in the residential zone outside the university, where faculty usually live. Whoever had summoned that demon was surely inside that house.

-Personal Journals, Capt. Daniel Farnsworth 10-26-4315 CY



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