Farther West Than West

A Brief History of the Heroes

The first year of the campaign

While there have been many stories told of the heroes, and how they saved the world, there is very little in the way of genuine first-hand testimonials from the Lebannen-Thorvin War. As Brak Ironskull rose in popularity throughout the dwarven kingdom, any good deed or act of heroism was attributed to Ironskull and his Furious Commandoes, even if it was something as trivial as a shepherd defending his flock from wolves; the story inevitably would morph into not a tale of wolves and sheep, but of Brak Ironskull defending a village from a mad pack or dire wolves, bent on ravaging the coutryside.
Ironskull became a national hero of the first order within the borders of the House of Thorvin, while his comrades, being non-dwarves, were relegated to background characters in the stories, if mentioned at all. On the contrary, throughout the the Lebannen populace, Dolph, and particularly Gregg, were vilified as traitors to there homeland, and to their blood. King Marten had placed quite a large bounty on the heads of any of the soon-to-be saviors, and had promised substantial holdings to anyone who could prove their demise.
As stated before, few factual accounts existed of the heroes during the war; they had become beings of legend in their own time, and because of this fact, they had ceased to exist at the same time. They were everywhere, and nowhere. Through years of research and sifting through thousands of stories, I have been able to piece together this timeline taking us from the first Assault of Dran’s Holding, to the Great Battle of Pernwick which occurred during the spring of 4317 approximately 15 months after the start of the war.

*Assualt Dran’s Holding, retaking the mining operation for the Dwarves, and achieveing naval superiority along the Northern Coastline, preventing quick reinforcements of the occupying Lebannen forces. (Fall 4315)
*Travel South to the Village of Hommlet and dispose of Lareth the Beautiful, eliminating a key element in the criminal enterprises that arose during the war. (Winter 4316)
*Travel further south to the town of Sterling, and seek out and eliminate a band of Orcs that had been traveling Eastward from the desert and terrorizing the Dwarven populace. (Winter 4316)
*Continue further south to the border between Thorven and Arkhosia, and help mediate disputes between the peoples in this largely ungoverned section of the map. This greatly increased the legend of Brak Ironskull as a peacemaker, as well as a fighter. (Spring 4316)
*Travel Eastward towards the coast and storm a Lebannen encampment traveling North. The heroes kill or force to flee an entire company of troops while outnumbered 8-to-1. (Summer 4316)
*Travel North along the coast and save a village from a group of goblin mercenaries contracted by Lebannen High Command to terrorize civilians and lower dwarven morale. (Summer 4316)
*Make their way Westward back towards Hommlet, completing their patrol of the southernmost Dwarven territories. Receive a letter from the Wizards of Roke requesting the hero’s presence as soon as possible. (Fall 4316)
*Arrive on Roke and are administered the Teslarat, which the heroes pass. After being deemed worthy, the heroes are told of the five relics from the Battle of Suntervaal that ended the war with the invaders and created the maelstrom. The heroes are tasked with retrieving the relics to avert some unknown evil. (Fall 4316)
*The heroes first travel to Arkhosia to visit the brood mother and inquire of the whereabouts of the Sage’s Quill, which was carried by Quetzalkith, the sage of ages. After currying favor by eliminating a group of ogres and trolls, the heroes are told that O’dee’Bee the great wyrm, who created the quill, now retains it. (Winter 4317)
On the way to the Dragon’s Run to retrieve the quill, the heroes stop enroute at the elf capital *of Xandau to seek out the amulet of Elgretor the Sandwalker, and piece together that the crypt they were forced to excavate in the desert was the tomb of Elgretor. Gregg and Dolph return to the crypt, while Lunesta and Veloute accompany a group of elf revolutionaries westward into tiefling controlled Lebannen terrotiry to assist with the growing civil war. After returning to the tomb, the ghost of Elgretor demands that Dolph and Gregg retrieve the staff and dagger he gave them months earlier. Reluctantly, Gregg and Dolph cross the desert to Sweetwater to find their wayward weapons, and discover that they have been confiscated by the dwarven government to assist in the war effort. Gregg and Dolph then travel to Dran’s Holding to see why production of the mine has come to a standstill, and subsequently kill two salamanders that had breached some ancient tunnels and were terrozing the miners. In return for their bravery, they were awarded vouchers that would guarantee that their weapons would be awaiting them in the central inventory located within Irondeep. (Winter 4317)
*Gregg and Dolph teavel to Irondeep, and are crucial to the dwarven plan in the Battle of Pernwick. Lunesta and Veloute, accompanied by a trio of half-orcs, commence guerilla warfare on Lebannen patrols, specifically members of the Southern Lebannen Defense Force (SLDF). (Spring 4317)



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